Networks and Embedded Software

Module 3 - Digital Technologies

Teaching Concepts (German): document
Skill Card (German): document
Schedule: document

Introduction: script

  1. Electronic Engineering
    1. Diodes (certificate optional): script worksheet
    2. Transistors (certificate optional): script worksheet
  2. Boolean Algebra
    1. Logical operators: script worksheet
    2. Truth tables: script worksheet
    3. Digital circuits: script worksheet symbols
    4. Minimization: script worksheet
    5. NAND form (optional): script worksheet
    6. Logic families (optional): script worksheet
  3. Digital Circuits
    1. Combinatorial circuits: script worksheet
    2. Sequential circuits: script worksheet
    3. Bit streams (optional): script
    4. Flip-flops (optional): script
  4. Digital Components
    1. Multiplexers: script worksheet
    2. Counters: script worksheet
    3. Prescalers: script
    4. Decoders (optional): script
    5. Switches (optional): script assignment
    6. Logic gates (optional): cover assignment
    7. Schmitt triggers (optional): script assignment
    8. Flip-flops (optional): cover assignment

Module 4 - Embedded Systems

Teaching Concepts (German): document
Skill Card (German): document
Schedule: document

Introduction: script video1 video2 video3

  1. Microprocessors
    1. Microprocessor systems: script
    2. Central processing unit: script
    3. Program execution (optional): script program (manual)
  2. Peripherals
    1. Digital ports: script
    2. Displays: script
    3. Keyboards: script
    4. Timers: script worksheet
    5. Serial ports: script
    6. Analog ports: script
  3. Programming
    1. Bit manipulation: script worksheet cheatsheet
    2. Interrupts: script worksheet supplement
    3. GPIO: script worksheet supplement
    4. Timers: script worksheet supplement
    5. UART (optional): script supplement
    6. ADC (optional): script supplement
    7. Keyboards (optional): script
    8. Displays (optional): script

Module 5 - Embedded Systems

Teaching Concepts (German): document

Introduction: script
Development: studio (install, new-project)
Manuals: introduction (german) tutorial (german) library
Documents: optimization instructions xmega assembler

  1. Hardware
    1. Implementation: projects
  2. Programming
    1. Peripherals: examples (asm)
    2. Interrupts: examples (asm)
    3. Debugging (optional): script
  3. Communication Protocols
    1. Protocols: script
    2. Analysis and Selection: script worksheet
    3. Implementation (optional): script fsm solution: VisualStudio CodeBlocks
    4. Examples (optional): i2c rs-232 spi decoding
  4. Finite-State Machines
    1. Implementation (optional): script
  5. Coding Theory
    1. Data Representation (optional): script worksheet
    2. Number Representation (optional): script fractionals worksheet


Programming Projects

  1. Keypad
  2. Dot-Matrix Display
  3. Seven-Segment Display
  4. Seven-Segment Display with I2C
  5. Character Liquid-Crystal Display
  6. Monochrome Liquid-Crystal Display
  7. Analog Three-Axis Accelerometer
  8. Bluetooth
  9. Stepper Motor

Module 6 - Embedded Systems

Teaching Concepts (German): document

FreeRTOS: link manual template
Examples: simple advanced Documents: scheduling

Real-Time Operating Systems

  1. Operating Systems: script
  2. Basic Principles of Multitasking: script
  3. Inter-Task Communication: script
  4. Processes and Threads: script examples



Best Practice Examples