Module 1 - Digital Technology

  1. Numeral Systems
    1. Analog and Digital: script (german)
    2. Number Systems: script (german) worksheet (solution)
  2. Boolean Algebra
    1. Logical Operators: script (german) worksheet (solution)
    2. Truth Tables: script (german) worksheet (solution)
    3. Digital Circuits: script (german) worksheet (solution)
  3. Digital Technology - Basics
    1. Electric Circuits: script (german)
    2. Circuit Diagrams: script (german)
    3. Electronic Symbols: script worksheet (solution)
    4. Switches: script (german)
    5. Semiconductors: script (german)
    6. Diodes: script (german)
    7. Transistors: script (german)
  4. Digital Technology - Components
    1. Datasheets: script (german) datasheet
    2. Logic Gates: script (german) worksheet (solution)
    3. Flip-flops: script (german) worksheet (solution)
    4. Display Drivers: script (german)
    5. Multiplexers and Decoders: script (german) worksheet (solution)
    6. Shift Registers: script (german)
  5. Laboratory
    Breadboard: image schematic video link
    Basic Knowledge: script (german)
    1. Digital Fundamentals
      1. Switches: schematic board
      2. Active High Push-Button: schematic board
      3. Achtive Low Push-Button: schematic board
      4. Transistor Controlled LED: schematic board
    2. Logic Gates
      1. NOT Gate: schematic board datasheet
      2. AND Gate: schematic board datasheet
      3. OR Gate: schematic board datasheet
      4. XOR Gate: schematic board datasheet
    3. Flip-Flops
      1. SR Latch: schematic board datasheet
      2. JK Flip-Flop: schematic board datasheet
      3. D Flip-Flop: schematic board datasheet
    4. Common Components
      1. Seven-Segment Driver: schematic board driver display
      2. Decoder: schematic board datasheet
      3. Shift Register: schematic board datasheet (sch1 brd1 sch2 brd2)

Module 2 - Embedded Systems

  1. Microprocessor Systems
    1. Microprocessor Systems: script (german)
  2. Central Processing Unit
    1. Basics: script (german)
    2. Program Execution: script (german) simulation

Module 3 - Embedded Software

ESP32: module manual (german) software
Raspberry: module software image setup wiringpi
Utilities: putty winscp imager
Videos: video1 video2 video3 (all in german)
Knowledge: script

  1. Theory
    1. Embedded Software: script
    2. Digital Ports: script
    3. Timers and Interrupts: script worksheet (solution)
    4. Analog Ports: script worksheet (solution)
    5. Serial Ports: script i2c spi uart
    6. Wireless Networks: script
  2. Laboratory
    1. Introduction
    2. Digital Ports
    3. Timers and Interrupts
    4. Analog Ports
    5. Serial Ports
    6. Wireless Networks
  3. Click Modules
    1. Pi 3 Click shield: shield
    2. Color Click (MIKROE-1438): module schematic datasheet
    3. 2x2 Key Click (MIKROE-2152): module schematic datasheet1 datasheet2
    4. Analog Key Click (MIKROE-3409): module schematic datasheet1 datasheet2
    5. 7seg Click (MIKROE-1201): module manual datasheet1 datasheet2

Best Practice Examples